The Taw Win KanBawZa Mountain story

It is the events of history that brought the Naing family into the tea business, starting with the second Sino-Japanese war of 1937–1945. Mr. Win Naing’s grandfather, Mr. Tong Lying Kyin, fled from China in the early 1930s seeking refuge from the Japanese invasion.

Tong’s enjoyment of tea attracted to Shan State, and he settled there. Amidst the mountainous tea estates, Tong with no land of his own, began to trade tea from the northern Shan State commonly known as Myanmar’s birthplace of tea. Here, Mr. Win Naing’s father, Mr. U San Myint, grew up in Chone Thit village learning the art of tea trading.

In 1978, Mr. U San Myint set up his office in the commercial agricultural hub of Mandalay city. It is Myanmar’s second largest city, located strategically between the tea growing areas, and border trade routes with China and India.

Today, three of Mr. U San Myint’s five children are in the business. Mr. Win Naing oversees tea production while his two sisters manage coffee.

By 2000, the Naing family were selling tea to most cities and towns in Myanmar. They reformed the family business into a private company, registered as Taw Win KanBawZa Mountain Co. Ltd (TW KBZ).

In 2013, TW KBZ was supported by Helvetas, a Swiss NGO on contract farming. The training focused on improving production by supporting small-scale farmers with better agricultural inputs, technologies, and access to markets. Through the project, TW KBZ attended a natural food expo in America, and the organic trade show, BioFach, in Thailand and Germany.

TW KBZ works to build on our relationships, knowledge, experiences, and challenging periods, including COVID-19. Our mindset is focused on 100% quality, growth, and supporting our tea and coffee farmers.

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Taw Win KanBawZa timeline


Launched trading and wholesale business in green tea


TW KBZ's retail distribution of black and green tea began in the upper part of Myanmar


Established our family company Taw Win KanBawZa Mountain (TW KBZ)


TW KBZ expanded the green and black tea supply into Yangon and the lower part of Myanmar


TW KBZ distributed tea and coffee products to tea houses throughout Myanmar


Began to produce healthy herbal tea products Opened a restaurant called Myanmar Tea Products Showroom at Mandalay International Airport Participated in international trade fairs Developed specialty tea, fruit tea, and herbal tea


Launched Coffee Win Maymyo brew coffee carts in Mandalay. Started franchise business, growing to 100 franchises across Myanmar in just three years


Yoke The' milk tea was launched in Myanmar. Targeted to the tea lover who loves strong black tea with milk and sugar or condensed milk, like in local tea shops. Collaborated with tea farmers to start organic farming Built factories on tea and coffee area as part of our sustainable organic and GAP programs for farmers


Start to use solar power in TW KBZ factory


Tea goals

Current goal: produce and export 2 tons of specialty (organic + premium) tea

5-year goal: produce and export 200 tons of specialty tea

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